Published on November 15, 2023


For over a decade, the Vancouver Christmas Market has been delighting locals and tourists alike with its festive atmosphere, unique artisanal goods, and delicious traditional treats. But what’s the story behind this cherished holiday tradition? To find out, we interviewed the founder of the Vancouver Christmas Market, and he shared with us the history and evolution of this much-loved seasonal event.
Read on to uncover the story of the Vancouver Christmas Market and its remarkable journey!
Malte Kluetz, the visionary behind the Vancouver Christmas Market, partnered with Murray Seward to bring the magic of German Christmas Markets to Vancouver. Originally from a small German town, Malte moved to Seattle, WA, many years ago – only to realize that Christmas Markets were not a tradition here. Longing for the festive experience he had grown up with and attended in Germany every winter, he traveled across Germany, to gather inspiration from various Christmas Markets, to ultimately bring the essence of these markets to life in Vancouver.
The Vancouver Christmas Market made its debut in 2010, taking over the outdoor plaza of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. With its wooden stalls, twinkling lights, and festive decorations, the Market instantly became a beloved holiday tradition in the city. What sets the Vancouver Christmas Market apart is its commitment to preserving and celebrating the traditions of German Christmas Markets. Malte Kluetz understood the importance of maintaining the authenticity of these markets, which are deeply rooted in German culture and history. From the food and drink offerings to the entertainment and artisan vendors, every aspect of the Market is carefully curated to recreate the enchanting atmosphere of the original German markets.
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