Published on November 16, 2023

5 Things to Help you Prepare for your Trip

  1. View our Entertainment/Activities Calendar.
    Before purchasing your tickets, take a moment to explore our Entertainment/Events
    calendar. It’s your one-stop destination for planning your perfect visit to the Vancouver
    Christmas Market!
    The calendar showcases the daily schedule for our entertainers and activities. Whether
    you’re into Karaoke, Trivia Night, or the energetic vibes of our DJ nights, there’s
    something for everyone. Plus, you’ll discover information about our special promotions,
    such as Date Night and Student Nights, right on this calendar.
    For those eagerly awaiting St. Nick’s arrival, the schedule for photos with the jolly man
    himself is also posted here.
    With our calendar in hand, you won’t miss a beat this season. View our calendar to plan
  2. Warm Attie and Layers … Lot’s of Layers!!
    Vancouver’s fall/winter can be chilly, so be sure to bundle up. Layering is key, so consider
    wearing thermal tops, cozy sweaters, and a waterproof jacket. While the Market takes
    safety seriously with measures to prevent slipping, it’s always wise to wear suitable
    footwear for extra caution. Lastly, don’t forget a warm scarf, gloves, and a hat to keep
    the cold at bay.
  3. Reusable Bag
    Discover 90+ artisan huts at the Vancouver Christmas Market, filled with irresistible
    treasures. Don’t forget your reusable shopping bag – it’s not only practical but also aligns
    with our commitment to sustainability.
    As a green event, we’re reducing waste by offering only reusable tote bags for purchase
    at a nominal fee of $2.DID YOU KNOW? Every one of our food vendors exclusively uses biodegradable
  4. Umbrella
    As an outdoor Market in Vancouver, we recommend bringing a compact umbrella in case
    a light drizzle decides to join the festivities.
    Don’t feel like carrying an umbrella? No worries! We offer umbrella rentals for your
    convenience. Grab one from our Info Hut for a small fee of $? during your visit and
    return it when you’re done. Our umbrellas even come with a playful slogan -?-, and you
    might find yourself wanting to keep this stylish accessory
  5. Empty Stomach and Adventurous Taste Buds
    The Market offers an array of delicious food and drink options, including traditional
    German treats like Bratwurst, pretzels, and Glühwein (mulled wine). Come with an
    appetite and be ready to explore the culinary delights the Market has to offer.Explore our vendor selection here!Wait, we promised you just five tips for your unforgettable visit to the Market, but here’s
    a little extra gift, because after all, it’s Christmas – here’s number six…
  6. Festive Spirit and a Smile
    The Vancouver Christmas Market is all about spreading holiday cheer and enjoying the
    festive atmosphere. Bring along your enthusiasm for the season and wear a warm smile.
    It’s contagious, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the same joyful spirit from fellow
    visitors, vendors, and staff.

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