Published on November 16, 2023

How We Choose Our Vendors

Note: The Vancouver Christmas Market is always looking for new vendors to feature at the
Market. Apply for the 2024 Market here.

One of the central elements that makes the Vancouver Christmas Market truly special is the
exceptional array of vendors who participate in our event. Each year, our goal is to curate a
vendor lineup that captures the very essence of the holiday season, offering our visitors a
unique experience.

When we choose vendors, we consider not only the quality and uniqueness of their products
but also how well they align with the tastes and interests of our visitors. Our goal is to provide
something for everyone through our wide range of categories – For Her, For Him, Children’s
Toys, Artisanal Delights, Holiday Decor, Handcrafted Jewelry, Gourmet Treats, and much more.

If you’re curious about the specific products we have within these categories, we invite you to
read ‘Add Blog Name’.

The Selection Process

At the heart of the Vancouver Christmas Market, we hold a deep appreciation for the enduring
bonds we share with our vendors, many of whom have been part of our festive family for over a
decade. We’ve witnessed their remarkable journeys, from humble beginnings in small
apartment workshops to the establishment of multiple international stores worldwide. Our
commitment to offering a remarkable exposure platform not only fuels their growth but also
fosters meaningful connections with their future loyal customer base. We take immense pride
in nurturing these long-term relationships, celebrating the remarkable transformations that
have unfolded within our Market’s history.

But it all starts here – Vendor selection for us is like unwrapping holiday presents – it’s filled with
anticipation and joy. Our dedicated team kicks off this exciting process early in the year. We sift
through a multitude of vendor applications, selecting those who truly stand out. An ideal
application includes:

A Unique Product/food Offering: Our market thrives on uniqueness. We’re on the
lookout for vendors who bring something special to the table – be it a European-inspired
delight or a locally made treasure.
Dedication to Visitor Service: Beyond products, we look for vendors who go the extra
mile in providing exceptional service to ensure every visitor leaves with a smile.​

Sustainable Practices: Ideal vendors incorporate sustainable practices in their offerings,
from packaging to sourcing. It’s a small but impactful way of contributing to a greener
holiday season.
Creativity in Presentation: Visual appeal matters! We appreciate vendors who showcase
creativity not only in their products but also in how they present them. An eye-catching
stall adds to the festive atmosphere, inviting visitors to explore and discover.

Once we’ve selected our vendors, we send them further information regarding Market details.
This marks the beginning of a journey that involves careful product evaluation and multiple
detailed meetings. After all the details are ironed out, we send out contracts for vendors to sign.

With a signed contract, the vendor officially becomes part of the Vancouver Christmas Market
family. Vendor positions are typically filled by July, well before the season kicks off. For
prospective vendors, we recommend applying early in the year, from January to March, to
ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to join us in crafting a magical holiday experience for our

We hope this glimpse into our vendor selection process has shed light on how we curate the
perfect mix of talent and products that make the Vancouver Christmas Market an enchanting
destination for all. Our vendors put in a lot of effort to prepare for the Market so that you can
have a great time. Be sure to visit each of them and explore their offerings!

View the 2023 Vendor List.

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