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Adore Alma
Adore Alma is a charming accessories boutique celebrating the beauty and true essence of being a women. Designed to last and wear every day, our luxurious accessories are made for women to sparkle, feel elegant, and comfortable. Inspired by timeless classics, feminine silhouettes, and elegant aesthetics, we are committed to bringing together exquisite craftsmanship, sophisticated premium fibers, and perfect fit, that go beyond trends and come without high markups. Check them out at the Vancouver Christmas Market!
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IMG_4014 - Mercedes Diaz
Art Haus by Atelier 758
At Atelier758, our founders, Mercedes Diaz and Alejandro Tondolo, draw inspiration from nature and mindfulness to create one-of-a-kind handmade artworks. Using locally sourced wood from British Columbia, Canada, they craft art that reflects the beauty of the natural world. Every piece is a unique creation, a testament to our commitment to crafting uniqueness.
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@goaheadfoodies 2
Barista Brothers Espresso Bar & Coffee Catering
Barista Brothers is one of Vancouver's exciting Mobile Espresso Bar and Coffee Catering Services in Vancouver. They offer a wide variety of beverages that will make your heart warm, including Hot Chocolate, Latte, Cappuccino, and Coffee Mocha. Check them out at the Vancouver Christmas Market!
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German Vendor DSC00520
Beer Haus
Share a holiday toast with friends and family with a selection of authentic German and Austrian beers. We proudly serve Erdinger, a beer brewed according to the traditional recipe and in strict accordance with the German Purity Law and Stiegl – another favourite – is Austria’s private brewery with a stunning history going back all the way to 1492 - Prost! Check them out at the Vancouver Christmas Market!
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IMG_0443 - Simona&Mircea Puscas (1)
Belamy Leder Haus
Leather artisans located in Mission British Columbia. All our products are handmade by us using old European techniques with attention to every detail. We offer something for everyone on your list key fobs, wallets, bags, belts, stocking stuffers, and Christmas decor to name a few. Check them out at the Vancouver Christmas Market!
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German Vendor brat haus
Bratwurst Haus
Bratwurst also known as a brat in American English, is a sausage usually composed of veal, pork, or beef. Bratwurst is usually grilled or pan-fried, and sometimes cooked in broth or beer. How the sausages are served is locally different, but most commonly they are regarded as a snack served with or in a Brötchen (white bread roll made from wheat flour) and eaten with hot German mustard. As a pub dish, it is often accompanied by sauerkraut or potato salad. It is a very popular form of fast food in German-speaking countries, often cooked and sold by street vendors from small stands. Check the Brat Haus out at the Vancouver Christmas Market!
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Cabin 9 Naturals
Cabin 9 Naturals specializes in handmade, all-natural soaps. Each of our 20+ varieties features a unique and pleasing design created with earth-sourced colours and scented with complex essential oil blends. Made with care on Vancouver Island, our bars are eye-catching, skin-nourishing, and a joy to use — you'll find something for everyone on your list! We make a range of bath and skin products, like herbal soaks, bath salts, bath bombs, lotions, massage oils, lip balms, and body scrubs, using only gentle, natural, plant-based ingredients. Cabin 9 also carries "green kitchen" products like Swedish cloths, sisal scrub brushes, walnut scrubber sponges, laundry soap sheets, and attractive travel cutlery sets. Don't miss our new collection of quality dish towels featuring designs by BC artists screened onto hemp, linen, or cotton towels! Cabin 9 Naturals — for bath, body, and home. This year, Cabin 9 is offering 'green kitchen tools,' including solid dishwashing soap sets, Swedish dish cloths and sponges, sisal brushes, walnut scrubber sponges, and attractive on-the-go cutlery sets. We're also featuring an attractive range of dish towels with the work of BC artists screened onto cotton, hemp, or linen towels. Check them out at the Vancouver Christmas Market!
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Candles & CBD Haus Vancouver Christmas Market
Candles & CBD Haus
The Candles & CBD Haus offers a variety of CBD and Hemp infused skincare products. Soothing, calming, luxurious, and Certified Cruelty-Free, their unique blend of botanicals is natural, organic, and largely free of preservatives and emulsifiers. Have a spa-like experience with calming scented candles, invigorating beauty and all-natural relaxation products. Our candle products feature handmade candles from Austria.
Also available are locally-made candles from Canada, including various scented candles with real fruit melted into the wax! Get your stocking stuffers and all you need for Christmas here at the Candle and CBD Hut.
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Bois d'olivier 1
Candles & Wood
Bois d'Olivier carries artisan olive wood products from France, including gift boxes, cutlery and serving utensils, cheese boards and more. Bois d'Olivier is operated by Provence en Couleur, a Canadian company created in 2013, which specializes in the production of lavender products using premium ingredients mostly from France. Check them out at the Vancouver Christmas Market!
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RacletteProPicture - CheeseMe Vancouver
Cheese Me Raclette
Imported directly from Switzerland, Cheese Me Raclette is back to offer an authentic Swiss experience in Vancouver. Enjoy the warm, creamy and succulent melted cheese scraped from the wheel, accompanied with freshly made dishes to give your palate an unforgettable experience. Our cheese wheels look forward to serving you. Time to wheel in the fun! Check them out at the Vancouver Christmas Market!
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Coast Mountain Essentials 4
Coast Mountain Essentials
Coast Mountain Essential Oils was born from the desire to share the incredible scents and therapeutic benefits of British Columbia's pristine conifer forests. We are proud to sustainably produce 100% pure essential oils made from the boughs, needles and leaves of local conifer trees. We strive to share these special essential oils and spread awareness about their many benefits, as well as develop natural beauty and wellness products with these oils as key ingredients. Identifying areas of remote forest where these boughs can be sustainably harvested, as well as learning about the natural steam-distillation process and the potent natural compounds found in the essential oils of British Columbia's conifer trees, is an adventure that we are excited to share with everyone! Check them out at the Vancouver Christmas Market!
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Crescent Hill Winery First Crush Vendetta
Crescent Hill Winery
Crescent Hill Winery is a boutique, family-owned and run winery and vineyard. Situated in the GI-designed area Skaha Beach, in the Heart of the Okanagan Valley. We offer hand-crafted small batch wines, using minimal intervention viticulture and wine-making practices. Check them out at the Vancouver Christmas Market!
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