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Cabin 9 Naturals


Cabin 9 Naturals specializes in handmade, all-natural soaps. Each of our 20+ varieties features a unique and pleasing design created with earth-sourced colours and scented with complex essential oil blends. Made with care on Vancouver Island, our bars are eye-catching, skin-nourishing, and a joy to use — you'll find something for everyone on your list! We make a range of bath and skin products, like herbal soaks, bath salts, bath bombs, lotions, massage oils, lip balms, and body scrubs, using only gentle, natural, plant-based ingredients. Cabin 9 also carries "green kitchen" products like Swedish cloths, sisal scrub brushes, walnut scrubber sponges, laundry soap sheets, and attractive travel cutlery sets. Don't miss our new collection of quality dish towels featuring designs by BC artists screened onto hemp, linen, or cotton towels! Cabin 9 Naturals — for bath, body, and home. This year, Cabin 9 is offering 'green kitchen tools,' including solid dishwashing soap sets, Swedish dish cloths and sponges, sisal brushes, walnut scrubber sponges, and attractive on-the-go cutlery sets. We're also featuring an attractive range of dish towels with the work of BC artists screened onto cotton, hemp, or linen towels. Check them out at the Vancouver Christmas Market!

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