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Herrnhuter Sterne


These special Herrnhut Stars made in Germany are part of a long-standing tradition in which families assemble stars together and hang them to decorate and brighten the house before Christmas. The Herrnhuter Sterne GmbH is located in east Saxon Herrnhut, the place of origin of the Herrnhuter Church (part of the Moravian Church). Already more than 160 years ago, the stars have been made by hand. 31 years have passed from the first model to the patent application of the first solidly built, bodiless Herrnhut star in 1952. Until today, the star has almost not changed its traditional appearance and it is still handmade.

Herrnhut Stars today make special appearances not only during Christmas as beautiful decorations in apartments, gardens, churches, and public outdoor spaces. Apart from the traditional paper stars used indoors, there are also weatherproof plastic stars ideally suited for outdoors. The Herrnhut Stars can be used year-round for many different occasions and holidays.

The friendly staff will be pleased to share the full story of this wonderful German Christmas tradition with you! MyBrilliantStar is the exclusive Canadian & American distributor of “Herrnhuter Sterne” from Herrnhut, Germany.

Check them out at the Vancouver Christmas Market!

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