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Two Sweet Elves

Two Sweet Elves


Delight in two delicious holiday treats with Two Sweet Elves: poffertjes and aebleskivers!

During the winter in the Netherlands, people indulge in poffertjes—decadent mini puffed pancakes. Baked on big square brass plates indented with small holes, the little cakes are greased with oil and served with butter and sugar. Commonly found in restaurants and at fairs, poffertjes are one of the most beloved delicacies in Holland.

A symbol of community and hospitality, aebleskivers are another favourite wintertime indulgence, often sold by street vendors and popular at Scandinavian open-air events. Cooked in a special cast iron pan, the doughy treat is formed into round shaped mini cakes with a soft, fluffy centre and a crispy, browned crust. Traditionally plated in threes, aebleskivers are dusted with powdered sugar, topped or filled with tart jams of Nordic berries, and served with mellow Scandinavian coffee.

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