Pancake and Waffle Haus Croffles Croissant Waffles
Pancake and Waffle Haus Croffles Croissant Waffles Pancake and Waffle Haus Affogato Pancake and Waffle Haus Poffertjes Pancake and Waffle Haus

Pancake and Waffle Haus


During the winter in the Netherlands, people indulge in poffertjes—decadent mini puffed pancakes.

Baked on big square brass plates indented with small holes, the little cakes are greased with oil and served with butter and sugar. Commonly found in restaurants and at fairs, poffertjes are one of the most beloved delicacies in Holland. Meanwhile, Croffle (a compound word of croissant and waffle) is a dessert invented in Ireland where croissant raw paper is baked in a waffle pan and eaten with ice cream or maple syrup. The buttery, flaky and chewy taste of the waffles makes it fun to eat them like a croissant. If you eat cream cheese through the square holes of the waffle with the thick butter scent of the crew, the taste and fun seem to be the combination of the croissant and waffles.

Lastly, Affogato was originally invented in Italy, the word “affogato” literally translates as “drowned” in English. This is fitting, as the affogato is no more than a scoop of ice cream “drowned” in espresso. Affogato which can be dessert and a beverage at the same time, is a winter treat, where you can have warm coffee while enjoying the ice cream in the cold.

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