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MAROLIN® glass ornaments are timeless articles creating a truly beautiful and nostalgic Christmas tree decoration. The glass tree decoration has its origins in the area around Lauscha in Thuringia. In the beginning, it was only a substitute for the real fruit that a poor glassblower could not afford. Over time, the variety of glass Christmas tree decorations has increased. Its popularity increased and it became a real bestseller. Traditionally, Christmas tree decorations are made of glass. The Christmas tree shines through the diverse reflections of the glass tree balls. In addition to the classic round Christmas ornament, a huge range of shapes has also emerged over the decades. As one of the few manufacturers, MAROLIN® maintains this old tradition with "Nostalgic Christmas tree decorations." As an alternative to glass tree decorations, wooden ornaments also have a very long tradition. Especially in the Ore Mountains, the folk art of Christmas decorations made of wood can be traced back to at least the 16th century. Glass required expensive raw materials, and there was an abundance of wood. For the first carvers of Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree and Christmas tree decorations made of wood, it was the only way to give their otherwise destitute families and children a joyful change in the harsh winter. Our beautiful wooden ornaments are created by Drechslerei Kuhnert from the Ore Mountains with more than 30 years of expertise in wood. Check them out at the Vancouver Christmas Market!

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