EcoFair Trading


EcoFair Trading specialises in the import, wholesale distribution and retail fundraising of eco-friendly, Fair Trade food items and handicrafts from around the world. Their goal is to play their part in alleviating global poverty, and along the way restore the hopes and dreams of the skilled artisans who have handcrafted the products in their collection. 

EcoFair trades directly with producer groups from around the world in central and South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and strictly adheres to the principles of Fair Trade. Members of these producer groups are most often subsistence farmers and making these handicrafts provides additional income and also helps to preserve their cultural traditions. 

All of their products are Fair Trade in the strictest sense, and all have an eco-benefit as compared to their “conventional” equivalent. They leave a small footprint on the environment, and have a big impact on the lives of the producers.

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