Das Waffelhaus


Das Waffelhaus, a traditional must have at any European Christmas fair, are once again at the Vancouver Christmas Market.

This year under new ownership with a new twist, offering traditional square Waffles and Waffles on a Stick, a unique shape, easy to eat on the go while strolling through the market. Classic and newly reinvented toppings will be offered to accompany these delicious treats that in Europe are traditionally eaten for breakfast, lunch, and sometimes even dinner.

NEW ADDITION this year, Das Waffelhaus will also offer Real Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee and exclusively offer traditional Viennese Coffee specialties.

Come by and enjoy these delicious treats that not only fill you up, but also warm you up.

Follow us on Facebook @vancouverwaffelhaus to find out about lunch specials and other special offers during the 2017 market season.

Located in the Yellow Zone

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