Das Kuchen Haus

Das Kuchen Haus


Literally translating to ‘Cake House’, Das Kuchen Haus offers a selection of delicious fresh baking and warm beverages.

Guests can enjoy traditionally prepared German cakes and pastries such as the Berliner Krapfen (strawberry jam filled donuts), Apple Strudel, and Bienenstich (bee-sting cakes). They also offer a wide array of enticing desserts that can be savoured at home. From authentic Black Forest cake to heavenly German-style cheesecake, these old world confections make a scrumptious addition to your holiday table or coveted gifts for family and friends.

Children will love the sweet warmth of hot chocolate – the classic family-friendly holiday beverage – topped with fresh whipped cream. Naughty Hot Chocolate (with a shot of liqueur) is also available for adults.

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