ALMA Knitwear


ALMA is a luxurious knitwear label of sophistication and elegance characterized by high-quality materials and perfect fit. Launched in 2014 and designed in Vancouver, Canada, ALMA is made from the finest luxe Italian fibers and knitted by hand in Latvia and Lithuania. Their minimalist aesthetic is reflected in the quality of our materials and the simple beauty of our designs.

ALMA creates beautiful knitwear of the highest quality by bringing together superior craftsmanship with classic designs and just the right fibers. All ALMA Knitwear garments are made with 100% natural, fine, high-quality Italian fibers. Materials range from soft alpaca silk and luxurious cashmere, to Italian woolen fibers and pure mohair.

Redefining classic style for women, ALMA designs are characterized by timeless silhouettes, precisely tailored details, fine textures and warm tones. Our inspirations are multi-faceted. They reflect the changes in the world around us by always striving to innovate, taking inspiration from various forms of art and culture. They celebrate natural beauty with the understated sensuality of their designs. ALMA Knitwear finds beauty in simplicity.

Located in the Green Zone

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