Guest Blog: Tips for Baby’s First Christmas

December 19, 2016

So, you have a baby this Christmas…

Whether it be your first Christmas with a baby in the house, or a havoc wreaking toddler year after year, we as moms could always use some tips to survive Christmas. 

In years past, you decorated beautifully, like Martha Stewart perfectly, and peacefully arranged every trinket in its place. This year, you’re probably decorating with bottles, lids, crumbs, and toys scattered from A to B. But don’t worry, it’s normal, and this too shall pass – embrace it. If you’ve got a crawler on your hands, it’s best to keep the obvious up high and out of reach: small decorations on mantles, stockings hung out of reach and not a temptation near the fireplace. Everything will be interesting and begging to be touched, so if there’s special pieces of sentimental value, best to leave them packed up or find a special place for them for the next few years. 

The delightfully dreaded tree… The first year with a crawling baby I felt like a genius… I put our tree right outside our glass patio window. Yup, thats right, outside! We got to see it, love it, and enjoy it, all while through the window where baby couldn’t touch, grab or tackle. Christmas day we brought it in and baby was so distracted with gifts (albeit more interested in the wrapping paper and empty boxes) that the tree was now old news. 

This year with a toddler I plan to include her in the decor process with kid friendly decorations. Have them help you make decorations like bundles of cinnamon sticks tied together, or cut out felt shapes. But sometimes we all know crafts aren’t the reality and real life gets in the way. In this case, purchase some plastic Christmas balls, or fun foam cut outs pre-done from your local craft store. Involve them and make sure they feel a part of the process, taking pride in the adorning the house will hopefully help them understand and respect it. 

The holidays don’t end with decorations, they most often include traveling and bouncing around from place to place as you take in all the family occasions. This means feeling like you need to pack your entire house just to get through the day with your babe in tow. Don’t fret, this can be done, and with ease! Pack the necessities, diapers, wipes, toys, and food, and if you’re in Vancouver, don’t forget your rain gear. Baby wearing is a great way to keep babe close and content while you mingle and snack on holiday treats. It will provide a sense of home and normalcy as the holidays can be so overwhelming.

As for keeping a toddler on the go, try to keep to routine, but don’t get upset if it doesn’t work, missed naps can mean meltdown city, but remember, these holidays are limited and sometimes you just have to roll with the punches, a new day will come to get the routine back. Bring a favourite lovey or blanket with you, something comforting and home for them, it will help settle and maybe even nap on the go!

During the holidays when all else fails, decorate high, baby gate the tree, and pack extra! Enjoy the season and embrace all the quirks that come with a little one in the house, these days don’t last forever, and the memories that seem overwhelming and obnoxious now, will be great and memorable in the future. 

-Paige Manning

Little Bean + Co Boler


Wife, mum, and owner/operator of Little Bean + Co, Vancouver’s only mobile children’s boutique. You can find Little Bean + Co at this year’s Vancouver Christmas Market, November 26-December 31 at Jack Poole Plaza, showcasing all the best locally sourced children’s clothing and accessories. 

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