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I lost something at the Market. Who should I talk to?
Am I allowed to smoke within the Market?
Can I drink alcohol inside the Market?
I’m a caregiver. Do I have to pay admission?
Is the market wheelchair accessible?
Is there a place to sit or rest?
Is there a place to park my stroller?
Can I bring my dog into the Market?
Does the Christmas Carousel have any restrictions?
Can I leave and re-enter the market?
What are the Market’s peak hours?
Can I bring alcoholic beverages into the Market?
Do you have ATM machines at the Market?
Do you accept credit cards?
Is the market cash only?
I bought tickets online but didn’t receive them…
Are there vegetarian or vegan options at the Market?
Will there be entertainment?
Is the Christmas Market open on Christmas Day?
Are there any changes to the Market this year?
Is the Vancouver Christmas Market the same as Circle Craft Christmas Market?
Can I buy tickets as a gift?
Can I buy group tickets?
Can I buy tickets at the gate?
Do you offer any combo tickets?
What is the Early Bird Ticket?
Can I change my timeslot after I’ve booked my tickets?
I bought a General Admission ticket for someone but the ticket is in my name, do I have to change the ticket to their name?
I bought a Season Pass for my friend, does it have to have their name on it?
I’m a Season Pass holder. Can someone who doesn’t have a Season Pass come in with me?
Can I upgrade my regular ticket to a Season Pass?
What is a Season Pass?
Does my child need to show a Vaccine Passport?
Do I need a Vaccine Passport if I’m not a BC resident?
Are there any exemptions to the Vaccine Passport?
Do I need a vaccine passport to get into the Market?
How will you be handling COVID-19 safety?
Do you offer timeslot booking?
What dates and hours is the Market open?
Where is the Market located?
Do I have to wear a face mask at the market?
Do I need to book a timeslot for my child under 6?
Do I need to book a timeslot as a Season Pass holder?

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