I lost something at the Market. Who should I talk to?
I’m a caregiver. Do I have to pay admission?
Is the market wheelchair accessible?
Is there a place to sit or rest?
Is there a place to park my stroller?
Can I bring my pets into the Market?
Does the Christmas Carousel have any restrictions?
Can I leave and re-enter the market?
What are the Market’s peak hours?
Can I bring alcoholic beverages into the Market?
How can I pay at the market?
I bought tickets online but didn’t receive them…
Are there vegetarian or vegan options at the Market?
Will there be entertainment?
Can I buy tickets as a gift?
Where can I buy group tickets?
Can I buy tickets at the gate?
Can I change my timeslot after I’ve booked my tickets?
I bought a General Admission ticket for someone but the ticket is in my name, do I have to change the ticket to their name?
How will you be handling COVID-19 safety?
Can I change the name on a season pass?
Do I need to book a timeslot as a Season Pass holder?
Can I upgrade my regular ticket to a Season Pass?
What is a Season Pass?
Do I need to book a timeslot for my child under 6?
How does the timeslot booking work?
Where is the Market located?
When is the Vancouver Christmas Market open in 2022?

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