Your Safety is our first priority. See what other safety protocols you can expect at the market. COVID UPDATES


Where is the market located?
Are there vegetarian or vegan options at the Market?
What is the Early Bird Ticket?
What does the November Superfan Ticket include?
Will there be entertainment?
What is a Season Pass?
What is a Fast Pass?
Can I add a Season Pass to my Groupon or SocialShopper order?
Can I buy group tickets?
Can I buy tickets as a gift?
Can I buy tickets at the gate?
Is the market cash only?
I bought tickets online but didn’t receive them.
Do you accept credit cards?
Do you have ATM facilities?
Can I bring alcoholic beverages with me?
What are the market’s peak hours?
Can I leave and re-enter the market?
Can I leave my children at the Kinder Kraft Igloo?
Does the Christmas Carousel have any restrictions?
Do I need to make a reservation for the WunderBAR?
How do I make a reservation for the WunderBAR?
Is the WunderBAR available for group bookings?
What is included in the WunderBAR Experience?
Is the WunderBAR 19+?
How do I add my WunderBAR Experience if I already purchased my market ticket?
What if I want to extend my stay in the WunderBAR longer than the one-hour window?
What are the associated costs to attend the WunderBAR?
Can I bring my dog?
Is there a place to park my stroller?
Is there a place to sit or rest?
Is the market wheelchair accessible?
I’m a caregiver. Do I have to pay admission?
Can I drink alcohol?
Am I allowed to smoke?
I lost something at the market, who should I talk to?

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