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Traditional German Crafts and Fabulous Christmas Gifts

German Christmas Decorations

Käthe Wohlfahrt, Rothenburg o. der Tauber, Germany

Käthe WohlfahrtKäthe Wohlfahrt ( is Germany's top Christmas ornament and decor company and will be the largest vendor at the Vancouver Christmas Market. Over the years, the Käthe Wohlfahrt company has opened 10 Christmas stores, among them the world famous "Weihnachtsdorf”, the Christmas Village in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. All Käthe Wohlfahrt stores offer an atmosphere filled with the joyful experiences of Christmas. Visit any of our stores, and you will be filled – as all gift givers are – with the excitement and joys of Christmas. A similar store will be built up on the Vancouver Christmas Market – come and enjoy that special authentic Christmas experience!

Lauscha Glass Ornaments, Dresden, Germany

For the Hoffmann Company from Dresden in Germany it is already a long tradition selling traditional German Christmas decorations at Christmas markets. After having operated several booths at different German Christmas markets they started expanding and exploring other markets in the UK and in North America. They have successfully participated in the Chicago Christmas Market for years now, and this year they will exhibit in Vancouver with their colorful selection of glass ornaments from Lauscha in Germany. Coming from the region where the glass bowls are still handmade, they can liaise directly with the crafters to bring the latest designs, colors and shapes in. You will be surprised at their great variety of glass ornaments, from classic Christmas ornaments for the traditionalists, to the more modern designs for the young Christmas crowd!

The Nutcracker House, Dresden, Germany

The Hoffmann Company brings also the typical Christmas decorations in that are produced in the Erzgebirge region in Eastern Germany. All the nutcrackers, smokers, pyramids and Schwibbogen are produced by the traditional producers in Germany which are famous for their century old style of wooden crafts. You will love the smell and the atmosphere in your house while lighting the candles at the pyramids or the incense cones in the smokers. Make your family be part of a traditional way of celebrating Christmas with these unique pieces of German Wood Art. Each nutcracker and smoker presents a special figure and has a different story to tell to your kids... These beautiful figures have fans of all ages around the world and will make you become a collector... or sooner or later....

Unique German & European Gifts

German STEINgut & traditional gifts, Dresden, Germany

Stein is an abbreviation of German Steingut "stoneware", the common material for beer mugs before the introduction of glass. The beer stein is originated around the 14th century in Germany. Thus German beer quickly became popular across Europe and demand for the beer increased as well. This demand made it a necessary search for inexpensive, yet durable material for the beer transport and for the beer stein. After all these centuries the most common materials used are still glass, stoneware, and porcelain. Beer mugs (0.5 and 1 litre) are typical for beer gardens and especially the Oktoberfest, where they are popular for their robustness. Considered collectible are traditional designs such as brewery emblems, Bavarian motifs such as Neuschwanstein or any other famous sight of German cities. Find your favorite motif which can make a great personal gift for any beer lover!

Plauener Spitzen Vogel, Dresden, Germany

Plauener-SpitzenThe traditional Plauener Spitzen company is situated in the "Vogtland" in Saxony. This region, the Vogtland, is located in the eastern part of Germany and is widely known for its embroideries and authentic "Plauen Lace". Long before the Second World War, "Plauener Spitze" was recognized for its excellent quality. In their company, embroideries and laces have been produced for more than 50 years. They guarantee handcraft of all their products, which range from tablecloths to accessories like pillows, window pictures, and also All-year- and Christmas tree ornaments made of laces. All their laces and embroideries are made in Germany and their excellent quality is the result of the finest German craftsmanship and the quality of the fabrics.

Gingerbread Haus, Vancouver

Liebrecht LebkuchenhausGingerbread has been part of a traditional European Christmas for generations and is sure to create lasting memories for you and your family this year. At our Lebkuchenhaus you will find all types of gingerbread, marzipan and other sweet delights. With the smell of gingerbread and spiced hot beverages you will enjoy celebrating the Advent season. Among the nice gift boxes you will find just the right gift for each and every one of your loved ones.

Toy Wonderland, Dresden, Germany

Toy WonderlandToy Wonderland is a Company, which sells wooden toys for all ages. There are wooden board games, wooden trucks and cars, but also wooden mind and patient games.We believe in imagination and creativity, therefore all our toys run by imagination and not batteries.

Arreola Designs - Christmas Ornaments & Polish Pottery,
San Jose - Poland

Meticulous precision. Fanciful inspiration. Unique refinement. These are just a few of the many qualities Arreola Designs company founder and chief designer Ewa Arreola brings to each of the hand-made glass ornaments she manufacturers in Poland, her birthplace. Her other line, Polish Handcrafts features Polish pottery from Boleslawiec, which is probably one of the finest potteries produced in the world. Lead and cadmium free, these high-quality stoneware table wares are renowned for their beautiful handcrafted decorations, original style and high practicality. They can go directly from the oven to the table. Polish ceramics have an individuality and "flavor" that has been cultivated for hundreds of years and is appreciated for its art and quality worldwide.

Olde Tea Haus - Sonnentor, Austria

For many people, the Advent season is their favorite time of the year. Snow, pine scent from the Advent wreath and homemade cookies are signs that Christmas is near. And together with a cup of warming tea, the waiting time for Christmas can’t be better. With its Christmas teas, SONNENTOR, the organic specialist from Austria’s Waldviertel, offers tea lovers enjoyment for all senses, when wonderfully soothing scents of aromatic Christmas herbs, fruits and spices fill the room while brewing a delicious cup of tea. The names of the teas foretell a magical Advent: “Advent Calendar Tea”, "Heavenly Christmas Delight Tea", "Bright Light", "Winter Night Fruit Tea", “Dancing Stars” and more. In 1988 Johannes Gutmann founded SONNENTOR Kräuterhandel GmbH in Lower Austria’s Waldviertel region and since then has focused on corporate values as sustainability, regional development and organic farming. The trademark with the “smiling sun” is looking forward to welcoming you at their booth at the Vancouver Christmas Market! SONNENTOR – Where joy grows, naturally!
Olde Tea Hause Savings Coupon

Candy Meister, Berlin, Germany

Willkommen to the sweet side of life!
Are you ready for a candy adventure? Candy Meister offers a selection of colourful, scrumptious, all natural, gluten, dairy and corn free candies from Germany!
A wide variety of our treats originate from the candy producer Wilhelm Mueller, who maintains candy making traditions the same way as he did in 1949. The Candy Meister offers the widest selection of hard candies anywhere in North America.
Here’s what Nabeel, one of our customers had to say, “The orange one is so good, and the little green ones, and the raspberry...I’m glad i got the mixed fruit bag, they are all sooo good.”

Our fabulous candies and team won "BEST HUT EXPERIENCE 2012"as voted by the visitors at the Vancouver Christmas Market. Stop by the traditional Candy Meister hut and try up to 40 different flavours, such as our popular Mulled Wine, Assorted Fruit, and Crunchy Candies as well as our wide selection of herbal candies.

To know what all our delicious candies are visit Candy Meister’s online shop:

Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Oil, Austria

Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Oil is prized far beyond the borders of Styria, (Steiermark) a province in the south of Austria. This award winning, unrefined, 100% pure Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil has a unique, aromatic, nutty taste and is praised for its palatability and flavour. It is mainly used for cold dishes, and is typically drizzled over salads, vegetables, soups and deserts.

Few Canadians know about this special Styrian oil pumpkin that is grown just for the seeds. Austrians have been pressing these shell-less and extremely healthy seeds into a beautiful oil for generations. Bonne Sante’ Distributing has teamed up with Styrian Gold Canada Inc. to bring this great food to B.C. so that British Columbians can enjoy this unique, healthy and great tasting oil.

In addition, the health benefits of Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Oil are quite astounding. It is naturally packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals vital for our bodily functions.
For the 2013 Vancouver Christmas Market we will be pairing our pumpkin seed oil with local gourmet balsamic vinegars in unique and attractive gift sets. We will also be selling packaged Styrian pumpkin seeds which make great stocking stuffers!

Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Oil is a Non GMO product, is of course Gluten Free, and qualifies as a Raw Food for those on a raw food diet.

“ZOTTER’s Chocolate Factory”, Austria

The irresistible scent of melted Chocolate and warming Spices in the air, a cup of Hot Chocolate to comfort us… Christmas time at Josef Zotter’s Chocolate Factory!

At ZOTTER’s Chocolate Factory we are inviting you to “Create Your Own Chocolate” in our Chocolate Design Studio, to treat yourself with a cup of Hot Chocolate from our “Hot Chocolate Bar”, to sample ZOTTER’s delicious hand-scooped Chocolates and to choose from over 100 different, Chocolates, Chocolate covered Nuts & Fruits, Chocolate Advent Calendars, beautiful Gifts and more…

With over 300 different premium, gourmet Chocolates, Austria’s only organic/fair trade Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Maker Josef Zotter has transformed the world of chocolates. With the hand-scooped chocolates the creative chocolate maker from Riegersburg/Austria has managed to upset our familiar view of the world of chocolate.
Bacon Bits in chocolate, Pumpkin Seeds with Marzipan and Apples and Carrots with Ginger surrounded by chocolate. The chocolate revolution has started: novel flavor combinations, a new format, art as packaging and the transformation of delicacies into green, organic food.

Alpine Heritage, Austria

Austrian imports with hand crafted nativity scenes in miniature boxes, Christmas, Winter and Summer mouth blown glass ornaments. The crèche nativity scenes take weeks to make. The figurines have remained unaltered since 19th century and the molds are copies of originals displayed in the Steyr Museum of Local History and Art. These characters are symbolic but they are also examples of typical Austrian country folk at work.

Each figurine is made individually and then carefully hand painted. Only natural materials are utilized - pieces of root, wood, moss etc. Every Christkindl Nativity is therefore unique and has an individual character of its own.

Gifts From Russia

Treasures from Russia and Eastern Europe. Famous Easter Slavic hand-crafted gifts such as nesting dolls, wooden Santas, lacquer boxes, birch bark boxes and holiday decorations. Nesting dolls called Matryoshka are old traditional toys from Russia and they are a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other. The number of nested figures is traditionally at least five, but can be much more, up to several dozen with sufficiently fine craftsmanship. Our Santas are beautifully hand carved and hand painted, as are ceramic ornaments from Uzbekistan.

The German Stars, Lights & Decorations Hut, Vancouver

We want to present to you our “Stars, Lights and Decorations Hut” where you can find everything to light up your Christmas decoration and build your own “snuggery”. In our Hut full of lights you will find modern decoration products from Raeder/Bochum, sweet Christmas decoration gifts from Confiserie Heidel/Osnabrueck and the original German Herrnhuter Christmas Stars.

As the official partner of the Herrnhuter Stars ( from Herrnhut/Germany, we are proud to present their tradition and different kinds of stars on the Vancouver Christmas Market. Traditionally the star will be delivered in parts and should be assembled at home. It is still handmade and has long been a tradition for families to assemble a star together and hang it on, on the days before Christmas.

The tradition has a long history. The first Herrnhuter Stars were made in the homerooms of the Moravian boarding schools. At the beginning of the 1900s a teacher made a star of paper and cardboard and hang it up with a candle inside. Later on making stars was established in the math class and helped the development of mathematical and geometrical understanding, and the designing and creation of three dimensional geometrical shapes. So the tradition has been preserved until today. Come and join us at our Christmas booth and learn more about this exciting German Tradition. All our activities are through our main company AHEAD24 Fulfillment Inc., an importer of German high quality goods.

My Little Mousie, European Toys, Vancouver

My Little Mousie brings the outstanding quality of European toys to Canadian homes. Owned and run by two German families, our toys have passed the seal of approval from the toughest critics: our own children! We carry a wonderful selection of creative toys from Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands, all made according to the highest European standards. Puzzles, cuddly toys, scooters, board games - we have something for every child from 0-6 years old. Our main brands are two German favourites: Sigikid and Ravensburger.

Handmade Jewelry & Crafts

Braden Hammond Contemporary Art & Glass Jewellery, Vancouver

Braden HammondBraden Hammond began his journey as a lampworking glass artist in 2003 at Santa Cruz Art and Glass Studio in California. From that moment, he was hooked on the beauty of glass art and it’s endless possibilities. Hammond’s glass art is currently in galleries and boutiques across Canada and internationally. Come and see his wonderful collection at Vancouver Christmas Market and if you are very lucky you might see his fascinating glass art performances on stage…


Its Posh Accessories, Richmond

The elves at “Its Posh Accessories” are twisting and shaping lots of funky new products for the holiday season. Up-cycling replaces recycling at the workshop, as every-day items are transformed into funky and unusual pieces that are wonderful for gift giving or to keep for yourself! Previously boring items enjoy a full-makeover with a bit of bling and a whole lot more pizzazz. It’s amazing just how funky something can really become without breaking the bank. Stop by and see us for that unique yet inexpensive gift for that fabulously fussy person on your shopping list.

Art of Soap, Vancouver - Turkey

Fruit Soap production in Turkey has a history of over 400 years. It started in the early 1600’s in the city of Edirne, the former Ottoman Empire. The soap has become especially popular in the beginning of the 19th century, as a result of the huge demand from the Emperors, High Officials as well as from the ordinary customers. Because of their wonderful long-lasting scent, fruit soaps were mainly used as ornaments or as a gift for ladies. All Fruit Soaps are 100% handcrafted and we guarantee that you can't find them anywhere else. If you are looking for a ''Unique Gift'' for this Christmas, this is what you are looking for!

The Woodman - Finest Wooden Handcrafts, Richmond

Manfred Schauenburg, our “Woodman” on the market will amaze you what you can do with raw wood! He handcrafts colourful wooden pens with local Canadian maple and also with exotic woods from all over the world. His beautiful cutting boards and other kitchen utensils will make a great gift for foodies and his solid wooden toy train will last for generations of kids. Come and get some unique gifts of incredible high quality craftsmanship for your family members and dear friends! To personalize your gifts he will use a laser engraver “live at the market”! You name it – he’ll make it!

The Hartmont Candle Company, Winnipeg

The Hartmont Candle Company features unique, hand crafted 100% Soy wax candles with wood wicks.  They crackle as they burn!  No two candles are exactly alike as each colored design in each candle is hand painted.  They are truly one of a kind!


Fair Trade Goods

Sherpaknits, Minneapolis - Nepal

Based in Minneapolis, MN, Sherpaknits is part of Namaste Natural Products, a company dedicated to promoting natural handcrafted products manufactured using environmentally safe and ethically sound practices. Namaste Natural Products is committed to bringing only the finest quality products to its customers, wholesale and retail. In sourcing its products, it tries to provide opportunities for business and employment especially to the underprivileged and those in need. Many of its products are handmade by women's coperatives and communities in developing countries in South-Asia and the world. The woolen hats presented by Sherpaknits are handknit by women in Bhaktapur, Nepal.

EcoFair Trading, Vancouver

EcoFair Trading is a Canadian company specializing in the import, wholesale distribution and retail fundraising of eco-friendly fair trade handicrafts from around the world. More and more Canadian consumers are mindful of the social and environmental impacts of their purchases. All of EcoFair’s products are fair trade in the strictest sense, and all have an eco-benefit as compared to their “conventional" equivalent. They leave a small footprint on the environment, and have a big impact on the lives of the producers. You will like their unique products as the colorful Bolga baskets, woven by hand in Ghana, their beautiful holiday ornaments handcrafted in Kenya from banana fibre and wire, their rainforest candles which are hand-dipped and made from the seed of the Arrayán tree in the cloud rainforest of Guatemala. You can buy a nice Christmas gift for a dear friend or family member and at the same time support international organizations in social and community development projects all around the world.
EcoFair Trading (PDF)

Fair tradewinds, Alberta – Ecuador

Winterbourne Alpaca is a line of handwoven alpaca wool winterwear, created through a partnership of Canadian designers working hand in hand with a family of indigenous weavers from nothern Ecuador. The alpaca fleece used in the scarves, shawls, mantles and reversible hats is bought directly from a co-operative of indigenous herdsman from Peru, although the spinning, dying and the creation of the scarves is done by a family of Quechewa weavers in Quinchuqui, northern Ecuador. Once you touched the Alpaca products you will love it! You have to touch and you will feel the great product!

Local Culinary Gifts

Honeybee Centre, Surrey

Honeybee CentreHoneybee Centre's beekeeping operation is centered around pollination of local crops in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia and the production of a number of natural varieties of honey. Further we would like to enrich the lives of people with the mysterious and incredible world of the honeybee, introducing people to the joys of specialty honey, to the health benefits of all bee products, and to the importance of honeybees in agriculture. If you are searching for a natural product you can find very nice Christmas gifts at our booth!

Levni Chocolate, Vancouver

100% Hand Crafted, Hand Painted Fine Chocolates. Raw, Exotic Flavors and Unique Fusions –Guaranteed
Levni's KOKO MONK signature line of chocolates are made in the traditional, artisanal way without any machinery, artificial flavors, chemicals or preservatives involved in any step of the production.

The final product is a blend of traditional and contemporary approaches that exists between the borders of craftsmanship and culinary art to create unique and entertaining postmodern chocolates. Levni’s KOKO MONK chocolates are like precious jewels displayed in beautiful, Mediterranean style boxes.

Maples’ Sugar Shack, Squamish

As seen at your local Farmers' Market! From tree to table, Maples' Sugar Shack brings you the finest artisan Maple Syrup Products made in B.C. Fresh maple taffy on snow, to unique infused Maple syrups, there is something for every sweet tooth, and every person on your holiday gift list! Ask about our BC big leaf maple syrup, and be ready to tip a cup of maplely hot sipping chocolate as you exchange recipes and holiday cheer with us!

Taste the Wild, West Coast wild foods, local mushrooms & specialties, Vancouver

West Coast Wild Foods is one of Canada's leading wild mushroom companies. Focusing exclusively on natures most exquisite wild foods, bringing wild mushrooms such as Chanterelle, Morel, Porcini, Pine and many others directly from the forests of North America. We will have a full selection of fresh as well as dried mushrooms on hand every day, featuring also Candy Cap Mushroom Macaroons, Chaga Tea/Coffee Blend and Wild Berry Jams. As well as a variety of Untamed Feast products, like Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup, Porcini Risotto, Thai Morel Coconut Rice, Smoked Chanterelle Arroz, and the famous Wild Mushroom Gravy/Sauce mix.

Preview our products where you can watch videos of your mushrooms being hunted and learn from our cooking demonstrations. Enjoy nature's finest food creations, Taste the Wild!








  • This year the market will have a marvelous tall Christmas Tree with fairy lights which creates a unique Christmas atmosphere surrounded by dozens traditional wooden booths, performance stages and festive decorations.

  • Colourful décor. Authentic gifts. Family entertainment. Tasty authentic food. The aroma of mulled wine. A truly enchanting atmosphere.

  • Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city with a rich history of hosting world-class events. The Vancouver Christmas Market will change the way Vancouverites celebrate the Christmas season.

  • Christmas markets are a delightful way to begin holiday festivities. The crisp, cold air fills with the fragrance of sizzling sausages, sweet pastries, spices and hot spiced gluhwein. Booths sell sweet treats, such as chocolates, cakes, pastries, cookies and candies. Music of Christmas fills the air, in preparation for Christmas.